Our Best Friend

The National Rifle Association is so awesome.  Less than half of The NRA’s revenue comes from program fees and membership dues.  Most of it comes from donations from our companies.  We also give them more than $20 million a year in advertising.  In return they basically do whatever it takes to protect us.  We really should give this guy a personal shout-out. 

Wayne LaPierre is president of the NRA and what a job he does.  Whenever a mass shooting occurs, he is the guy who gets on TV and sticks up for our rights.  When I say “our rights” I mean gun makers.  I hope that was clear.   Gun control advocates look at him like he's crazy.  He becomes a villain to them, and who do they NOT think about?  You've got it, us.  After a school shooting he suggested putting armed guards in every school!  Who would arm those guards?  We would!  We love this guy!